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Functional Medicine

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Functional Medicine—what is it?

Functional Medicine, also known as Science-Based Nutrition, is personalized, natural medicine that focuses on changes in underlying biochemistry, instead of the symptoms, of an array of health conditions.  It is an alternative specialty in health care which uses natural medicine, dietary and lifestyle modifications to correct the driving forces behind many disease states.  A variety of laboratory services are used to accurately understand these conditions in a scientific manner and manage them with objective test results. In other words--we look at the big picture. 

Specific, functional ranges (not the given lab ranges) are applied when analyzing laboratory results to detect not only progressive conditions, but find underlying issues that may not yet have any symptoms.  Functional medicine is a great resource for those looking to monitor their overall health and longevity, but also for those who suspect that a more involved condition might be present. 

Natural Medicine & Diet--how does it work?

After the doctors have interpreted all of the information required, a customized diet and supplementation protocol are presented within a ‘Personal Health Review.'  This review contains an explanation of findings, health indications, and a detailed description of the protocol to be implemented.

All interventions used, be it diet or supplementation, are provided with research and studies confirming their efficacy.  Our clinic strives to take the guess work out of your health care.  Affirming our acertation that there are no cookie cutter approaches at Activa, we refuse to implement a strategy without objectively knowing that you need it and re-testing to prove that it’s working. 

Who is it for?

Do you feel that there is something wrong that you can’t put your finger on, even though you’ve been told your fine?  Are you sick of taking drugs to mask the symptoms of an underlying problem?  Perhaps you have just accepted your ‘afternoon crash’, inability to lose weight, dependence on caffiene or other annoying tendency.  If this describes you, or you have that feeling that something ‘just isn’t right’, we’re here to help.

Common conditions that we support with science-based nutrition:     
                                                                                              Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin)

Health Complications due to Stress
Hashimoto's Disease
Insulin Resistance
Type II Diabetes
Metabolic Syndrome (the root of most cardiovascular issues, the #1 killer in the US)
Male and Female Hormone Disorders
Adrenal Stress and Dysfunction
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Acid Reflux
Food Sensitivities
Chronic Diarrhea
Chronic Constipation
Autoimmune Diseases